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    Denise Ganley

    September 8, 2020 at 9:07 am


    I work as a supervisor in healthcare for my day job. I’ve been vegan for 14 years, vegetarian for 19. I have 3 high maintenance cats (rescue babies that grew up with health conditions, 2 of them have diabetes and get insulin twice a day and 2 of them have IBS). I have two nephews who I adore but haven’t seen much of lately because of the pandemic. I’m looking forward to it cooling down here so I can go watch them from afar at the skatepark. I’m the best auntie since I bought them skateboards with dragon designs this summer. They are obsessed with the MG Wings of Fire series, so I need to go read those books to see why.

    I’m President of the Sisters in Crime Desert Sleuths Chapter, which is an org that supports women crime writers (anyone can join), and we’re organizing the WriteNow! Conference which is this Saturday. I cannot wait until it is over so my anxiety can return to a much lower level. I don’t know how I get myself into these things. LOL. I also do a little freelance beta reading.

    I run The Heart-Shaped Books Podcast, where storytellers pour out their hearts about the books that changed their lives []. I really enjoy talking to people about the books they love, that made a huge impact on them. And reading those books often pushes me out of my reading comfort zone too. For example, I just read a horror-marketed novel, that was really more supernatural domestic suspense, that I probably would not have read because I have never been keen on horror (unless we are talking vampires, then gimme!). But I liked it overall. Most of the books people want to discuss, I’ve never read. Some, surprisingly. I’ve got about 5 episodes that still need to be edited and posted. I would love to be more consistent on putting out content but I’m trying not to put too much pressure on myself and the podcast is several rungs down on the priority list.

    Oh, and I love to take photos of local street art. I go out mural hunting in the city whenever I have some time. Although my @phxstreetart Instagram has been on hiatus for a bit but I am going to get back to that in a few weeks too. I know there is a lot of new stuff out there I’ve been missing since I’ve been sticking close to home due to Covid, and the hot temps have not made me want to get out there and explore either.