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    Nicole Muchowski

    September 7, 2020 at 9:27 pm

    Hi Kell. This is a great blurb. IWRT

    Great tag line. I also love the line “But that might be sooner rather than later. Everyone is trying to kill her.”

    I think you’re really close. I only cut out a line or two and a word or two. Maybe read it out loud and see if it says enough/what you want?

    The only ones that can teach her how to hunt monsters are the monsters themselves.

    A forty-something unremarkable office worker, Rako once thought that the words ‘Until Death Do Us Part’ meant something. But after a bitter divorce, she’s learned her lesson. Nothing lasts forever.

    Until one day she accidentally inherits the magic of a dying monster hunter during a chance encounter. And the power is going to stay with her until her death.

    <s>But that</s> That might be sooner rather than later. Everyone is trying to kill her.

    <s>The jealous apprentice that should have inherited the power. A conspiracy of corrupt authorities. And the dark horror that killed her predecessor now wants tear her apart.</s>

    <s>But the in</s> In a world where she can’t trust the authorities, the only ones who can train Rako <s>in her monster hunting</s> to use her powers are the creatures they were intended to be used against. Guided by the cambion private investigator, Thaena Ashmore, Rako is inducted in a world of shadows, where she learns the secrets of vampires, werewolves and other creatures of the night. But are they really on her her side or do they have another agenda?

    <s>Torn between two worlds, who can Rako bring herself to trust?</s>

    Rako’s only option is to either learn to use the magic or die.