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    Jan Carr

    September 7, 2020 at 9:04 pm

    This really hangs together well, Kell.

    I know exactly who this story is about and she has enough ‘underdog’ qualities to really make me want to root for her. I like her launch from office worker to vampire (etc) hunter. Possibly you could cut the para about her main enemies as they are included in ‘everyone’ but I really like that one of those characters is the one that should really have inherited the magic powers – that’s great.

    The ‘Are they really on her side or do that have another agenda’ hints at the bigger story – is this a standalone or the beginning of a series? Because that possible other agenda hints at an arc over several books for me. The world is come across to me as a Buffy like world – ie real world setting with a fantastical underworld – does that make sense?

    I’m not really a fantasy reader – so I’m probably missing all the key tropes for a fantasy blurb but yours works for me.

    Ooh forgot to say and I really like the tag line – the only ones who can teach her to fight monsters are the monsters…