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    Martinique Paratore

    September 2, 2020 at 8:34 pm

    Hi All!

    It’s a pleasure to be here. I’m writing to you from my disaster of a living room/homeschool in a town ten minutes north of San Francisco called Mill Valley. I’m a comedian turned mom turned weepy quarantine slave, and I’m beyond thrilled to have adult human contact. Especially from people who prefer to discuss writing over how my son is apparently behind in potty training (something mothers around here have no problem pointing out), or how my daughter has an unrefined nose (another unsolicited nugget of wisdom from said mothers).

    My favorite books range wildly and most recently depend on my energy levels, but tend to lean towards dark and quirky comedies, funny travelogues, and memoirs. Otherwise, I’m reading Goodnight Moon for the 10 gazillionth time.

    Speaking of memoirs, that’s what I will be working on in the Academy. Or as my husband likes to call it, a grief comedy. Like a romcom with no romance and more crying. After 8 years of life and trying to cobble it together, I finally have a 50,000 word rough draft and am hoping for support to get me through the editing process before I completely drown in imposter syndrome.

    My biggest dream would be to publish my book and connect with millions of readers, sell the movie rights and write the screenplay. I guess that’s a lot of dreams. But what the hell, let’s do this.