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    Julie Jacobsen

    September 2, 2020 at 1:15 pm

    Good morning from Texas where a “cool front” is expected to drop our temperatures below 100 degrees for the first time in weeks! I am both excited and freaked out to be joining Academy.

    Not sure I can claim a favorite genre, though I do love historic fiction. My reading seems to have followed the growth of my children (we did a lot of reading aloud) so lots of YA, Sci-fi, and Fantasy. But in my grown up book club I seemed to always push for the rawest memoirs I could find. Thank God they pushed me to read things like Outlander or I may have ended up a soured old hag! A glance at my shelves and TBR pile right now reveal non-fiction / religion & spirituality / memoir.

    Also not sure I can claim favorite authors. I’ve returned many times to Laura Ingalls Wilder, Francine Rivers, and C.S. Lewis. My heart has ached over Eli Weisel, Mary Karr, and Immaculee Ilibagiza. It’s clear to me now that I need a good laugh (book suggestions welcomed).

    I may be the odd man out here at Academy because I am working on a memoir. It took 3 pain-staking years to dredge up the first draft. Yes, I’ve been known to over think things. Anyhow, the work is deeply personal and I want it to be the best it can be. There were many times I wanted to quit and I pushed the work aside, but then I learned of the BXP podcast and found the encouragement I needed to keep going. This year’s challenge helped me push my draft to the finish line, but it is a hot mess. Thank you again, two Marks. For the purposes of Academy, I will be doing rewrites of the memoir, but there are also some short story ideas I may bring to the table as well.

    The writing dream? To have my story bring hope to people outside my friend/family circle. That means finding its audience, which means publishing, etc. Also, that my story would open doors to more public speaking (something I already enjoy) and future non-fiction books.

    Now if we are talking about my writing fantasy? I would love to author a children’s book series with my talented daughter serving as illustrator. It would be stories from our family tree that bring simpler times alive to modern day children. I also lay in bed sometimes dreaming of the screenplay adaptation I would like to write for one of my favorite books. Do I possess this skill set? Not yet!

    Wouldn’t it be great to move some of those fantasies into the dream category?